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Tablet Repair

Your tablet is an extension of your computer. It lets you take many of your important applications with you on the go, and can be an asset to education, work and entertainment. Yet, just like your smart phone, your tablet is prone to damage from everything from water to a fall that leaves the screen cracked. When you have tablet problems, That Phone Repair Shop has solutions.

Tablet Repair for All Makes and Models

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPad or a Kindle, if you have a tablet, our techs can repair it. Our tablet repair services include services for:

  • iPads
  • Samsung tablets
  • Kindles
  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablets
  • And more!

Common Tablet Problems We Repair

Our technicians are well versed in handling all types of repair needs. Some common issues we see include:

LCD Screen Repair

Without a functional LCD, your tablet is useless. However, a broken LCD screen doesn’t mean you have to replace your tablet, necessarily. That Phone Repair Shop has a team of LCD Replacement Specialists that can find the problem and repair or replace your LCD system and screen so you can have full use of your tablet again.

Liquid Damage

Liquid can create serious problems for your tablet, and these problems may not show up until days after the exposure. When liquid gets trapped inside a tablet, it can cause interior components to corrode. If your tablet has been exposed to liquid, bring it to us as quickly as possible.

Charging Port Issues

Many tablets are notorious for charging port problems. You plug in your tablet at night, only to find that it doesn’t charge at all. Sometimes, grit and grime in the charging port causes this problem, and other times it’s a loosening of the connections between the charger and the charging point. Regardless, the team at That Phone Repair Shop can restore normal charging function quickly, so you can continue to use your tablet.

In addition to these problems, our team is well versed in helping with:

  • Audio problems
  • Problems with function and power buttons
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera problems

No matter what problem you are having, we can provide an honest assessment and a free quote for tablet repair. Visit That Phone Repair Shop today with your tablet, and let us help you get it back in good working order.


iPad Repair

We can fix it

Our diagnostic services determine exactly what’s wrong with your tablet. We’ll repair it, replace parts as needed, and even provide you with protective accessories to prevent future damage.

Screen Glass Replacement

LCD and Glass Replacement

Charge Port

Power Button

Speaker Repairs

Battery Replacement

Water Damage

Camera Repair

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Why Choose Us for Repairs?

Free Tablet Diagnostics

Bring in your tablet for a free, no obligation diagnostic check. We’ll find out exactly what’s wrong and recommend the best course of action to fix the problem.

Quick Tablet Repair Process

We’ll have you reunited with your tablet device in no time! We understand that phones and tablets are an indispensable part of modern life–that’s why we offer fast, dependable repair services.

180-Day Warranty

We stand by our work, and to prove it, we offer a six month, 180-day warranty on repair services.

Do you want to repair your tablet?

Our customer service team is standing by to help you get your tablet repaired FAST!